April 4, 2014

Ericsson and Mirantis OpenStack Deal Sets a Precedent in the Open Cloud

The Swedish giant Ericsson stepped up its commitment to open source cloud platform software this week, striking a deal with Mirantis to use OpenStack as the base foundation for its telecommunications network, data centers and cloud services. Ericsson has been an investor in Mirantis, along with Red Hat and other companies. Its commitment to OpenStack sets an example for many large enterprises and technology companies expected to standardize on OpenStack this year. The deal is also good news for Mirantis.

As noted by Ray Le Maistre:

"Ericcson unveiled its Cloud System, comprising its Blade Cluster and Smart Services Router platforms, in early 2013, noting at the time that the hardware would be supported by its Cloud Execution Environment, which includes a KVM hypervisor and OpenStack cloud management software."


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