December 17, 2004

Erlang-projects joins the Objectweb consortium

Mickaël Rémond writes "Erlang-projects is today joining the Objectweb consortium to develop and extend its portfolio of middleware components. This agreement is expected to increase Erlang-projectsâ user base while allowing ObjectWeb to diversify and extend its middleware offer with robust, scalable and proven solutions.

Mickaël Rémond, President, Erlang-projects, says: âObjectWeb consortium is built upon the powerful mix of industrial strength solutions and highly innovative projects. We are proud to participate in and extend the ObjectWeb offer on both aspects.â

Emmanuel Cecchet, Chief Architect, ObjectWeb, says: âErlang-projects brings to ObjectWeb expertise and know-how in the field of concurrency oriented programming. The contributions of the Erlang community will extend the ObjectWeb code base to cover new standards and provide building blocks for architectural issues such as scalability and interoperability.â

Projects developed in Erlang and promoted by the Erlang-projects association will be the basis for the collaboration with the consortium. J-EAI will be one of the first main collaboration thread, in the Objectweb ESB (Enterprise SErvice Bus) initiative."


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