July 16, 2003

ERP5 and Collaborative Portal Server (CPS) teams form Alliance to Provide World First Global Open So

ERP5 and Collaborative Portal Server teams announced at
the Libre Software Meeting (LSM) international conference on Open
Source / Free Software that they would join forces to provide the
world first global Information System exclusively based on Open Source
/ Free Software. Collaborative Portal Server (CPS) is a content
management and collaborative work system published under GPL license
with more than 100 production instances implemented in large
governmental organisations and very large industrial organisations.
ERP5 is the first Entreprise Resource Planning system published under
GPL license with successful implementation in European industry. The
Alliance of ERP5 and CPS will provide corporations with seamless
integration of collaborative and quantitative information systems
based on the Zope Open Source / Free Application Server.

ERP5 allows to track quantitative information and implement management
workflows. ERP5 features covers trading, invoicing, accounting,
manufacturing, supply chain, stock, customer relation and product

CPS allows a group of users to share documents in multiple versions,
implement administrative and publication workflows and create a single
point of access to corporate information and services.

Expected outcome of the ERP5/CPS Alliance will allow to share basic
technology building blocks: this includes common user authentication,
distributed data synchronisation, uniform internationalisation and
other innovative technologies. It will also provide a common access to
ERP workflow tasks from CPS portal page and CPS administrative and
publication tasks from ERP5.

Stéfane Fermigier, CEO of Nuxeo SARL, the company leading the CPS
project, says "We are very proud to team up with the ERP5 crew. ERP5
provides a very fine and innovative solution which we intend to use
internally for our day to day business needs. Integration with CPS
will be eased by the fact both ERP5 and CPS are based on the Zope
application server, the CMF content management framework and the
DCWorkflow workflow engine."

Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of Nexedi SARL, leader of the ERP5 project adds
"CPS provides world class document management with an excellent
versioning engine. Its collaborative tools are well suited to the
current evolution of the industry toward ODM and vertical
disintegration. Nexedi will use CPS internally and offer it to its
customers as a complement to ERP5 systems. "

Thierry Brettnacher, COO of Coramy, a leading European apparel
manufacturer with production sites on 2 continents welcomes this move:
"We have been using ERP5 at Coramy for 6 months with a database of
more than 80,000 records and 800,000 lines. ERP5 is mainly used to
share manufacturing and source chain supply information on all our
sites. Because its use became ubiquitous, our users have been asking
for a similar system to manage all corporate documents. CPS will be a
perfect complement to ERP5 to fill this need."

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About Nexedi: Next Generation EDI

Nexedi is a consulting and development services company helping small
and medium organisations to choose open source / free software and
fulfill their IT application needs. Nexedi is the founder of the ERP5
project, a Free / Open Source ERP software based on innovative
technologies (www.erp5.org). Nexedi is the global coordinator of the
OpenBrick embedded platform (www.openbrick.org). Nexedi customers
include apparel industry, telecommunication industry and consumer

Nexedi supports Open Source / Free Software effort by publishing
software components and knowledge databases under a Free Licenses
(GPL, GPDL). Nexedi supports the action of the EuroLinux Alliance in
favor of software innovation and free software, and against software
patents, harmful for competition and innovation.

Nexedi on the Web

Commercial web site: www.nexedi.com
Open R&D web site: www.nexedi.org
ERP5 Community: www.erp5.org
OpenBrick Community: www.openbrick.org
Email: info@nexedi.com
Contact: Jean-Paul Smets (+33 6 62 05 76 14)

About Nuxeo

Nuxeo is the European leader of services surrounding the open source
platform zope.

Nuxeo develops and markets collaborative web content management
systems, as well as associated services such as training, consulting
and hosting. Nuxeo's customers have at their disposal a highly
competent team with high technical qualifications and who use the best
of free software.

Nuxeo supports the open source software effort by publishing software
components under a free license (GPL) and by contributing as a core
developer to the development of the zope platform. Nuxeo supports the
action of the EuroLinux Alliance in favor of software innovation and
free software, and against software patents, harmful for competition
and innovation.

Nuxeo on the Web

Commercial web site: www.nuxeo.com
Community web site : www.nuxeo.org
CPS community: www.cps-project.org
Nuxeo CPS: www.nuxeo.com/cps
Email: contact@nuxeo.com
Contact: Stéfane Fermigier (+33 6 63 04 12 77)


ERP5 is a trademark of Nexedi. Nuxeo Collaborative Portal Server is a
trademark of Nuxeo. The other marks mentioned in this press release
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