February 18, 2002

ESR, CML2 & the LKML

Author: JT Smith

Anonymous Reader writes: "KernelTrap takes a look at a recent discussion on the Linux kernel mailing list, a continuing debate as to whether or not CML2 should be included in the 2.5 kernel.

"A recent thread on the Linux kernel mailing list (lkml) started off by generally bashing Eric S Raymond (ESR). Sifting through the many insults and round trip name calling, though, there was some constructive debating.

"The thread was initiated by Jeff Garzik, in response to a message on the kbuild developer's list. The message, from ESR, is a four-point list of suggestions, asking members of the kbuild developer's list to speak with Dirk Hohndel about CML2 and kbuild-2.5, who in turn was to speak with Linus. That thread continues constructively, discussing the pro's and con's of both new systems.

"With Jeff's email, the thread was essentially moved to the lkml, an often less-than-friendly environment. Involved in the ensuing debates were many kernel hacker notables, including Alan Cox, Dave Jones, Robert Love , Alexander Viro, Rob Landley, and of course Jeff Garzik and Eric S Raymond. Many of the arguments on both sides seemed a bit ridiculous and melodramatic, in my humble opinion (more personality conflicts than anything), but the ultimate issue is interesting and worth talking about: CML2 is a complete re-write of CML1, so different that it doesn't even attempt to be backward compatible. In the end, is CML1 broken enough and is CML2 superior enough to justify the effort required to make the upgrade?""


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