January 28, 2003

Etnus Announces TotalView 6.0

January 28, 2002. Natick, MA -- Etnus, the world's leading provider
of debugging solutions for complex code, today announced that Etnus TotalView
6 has shipped to customers. With expanded compiler and hardware coverage, support
for HP UPC 2.0, improved C++ support, and support for seamless Java/C/C++ debugging
through Etnus' new CodeRoad JNI Bridge, TotalView maintains its position as
the premium debugger for both commercial and scientific applications.

TotalView is a full featured, source level, graphical debugger providing application
developers with complete control over applications written in C/C++ or Fortran.
Its features simplify development of large or complex applications and offers
unrivaled support for applications that use message passing, multithreading,
OpenMP and other parallel programming techniques that enable applications on
both distributed memory and shared memory multiprocessor computers. Unique features
such as Dive, evaluation points to test fixes without recompiling, powerful
data analysis features and grouping of threads set TotalView apart as a premium
debugger with unrivaled power and ease of use.

Augmenting an already broad set of compilers, TotalView 6 supports GCC 3.2,
and the Intel C/C++ 7.0 for Linux and Intel Fortran 7.0 for Linux compilers.
Version 6 also supports the Unified Parallel C (UPC) programming model, which
has been adopted over the last year by a consortium from industry, government,
and academia.

"As mainstream code becomes more and more complex, software developers require
the sophisticated analysis and debugging support TotalView offers," says Rich
Collier, Etnus' Vice President of Engineering. "Our customers rely on us to
keep pace with changes in hardware and compiler support, and we make it a priority."

TotalView is widely known for its broad availability on UNIX and Linux platforms.
6.0 expands that coverage to include IBM's Power 4 Regatta hardware, Sun 64-bit
architectures and compilers, and Scyld's Beowulf cluster systems. With a special
emphasis on Sun improvements, TotalView 6 also supports the latest Sun ONE Studio
C++ and Fortran compilers (formerly Sun Forte), the HPC ClusterTools Sun MPI,
Sun 64-bit debugging, and substantially improves C++ support across Sun and
all other platforms. In addition, TotalView and the new Etnus CodeRoad JNI Bridge
support Sun ONE Studio's Java environment (formerly Forte for Java) for debugging
applications mixing Java and C++ through the Java Native Interface (JNI).

About Etnus

Etnus is the world's leading provider of debugging and analysis solutions for
complex code. Etnus products provide software engineers with the ability to
visualize, control and correct applications running on a wide variety of platforms
and using one to thousands of processors. They offer significant productivity
gains in application development, helping to eliminate the frustration, delays
and headaches inherent in analyzing multi-process, multi-thread, and network-distributed
applications containing many lines of code or advanced programming techniques
such as MPI, threads, and OpenMP.

Etnus products are used in the development of applications in industries such
as weather prediction, film special effects and animation, oil and gas exploration,
CAD/CAM software development, automotive, aerospace, finance and telecommunications.
Privately held, Etnus offers its expanding product line through worldwide resellers
and direct sales.

For more information contact Etnus LLC at: 24 Prime Parkway, Natick, MA 01760;
phone: 800-856-3766 (U.S.A.), 1-508-652-7700 (outside U.S.A.); fax: 508-652-7701;
web: www.etnus.com; e-mail: info@etnus.com.

Link: http://www.etnus.com

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