January 11, 2001

EULA forces man to wear 'I Love Microsoft' T-shirts

Author: JT Smith

From the humor site Segfault: "Chris Wubbins never thought much of it. He had just downloaded a freeware utility that claimed to
"optimize hard drive throughput by using advanced disk-cache access algorithms." ... Wubbins opened the installation program and was met with the familiar "End User License Agreement"
- the EULA. Having encountered many of these and seen that they are all similar, he accepted without
bothering to read it.

Therein lies his error. The developer of the program, which turned out to be a joke program that moves
all your desktop icons around, inserted a clause at the end of the EULA stating that, 'the User, by
agreeing to this license to use the Software, agrees to, if requested by said Author of said Software, to
wear a funny T-shirt for the personal amusement of the Author.' "


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