August 1, 2001

eVe Visual Search Java Toolkit and coding contest

Author: JT Smith

From eVision - Visual Search Technology: eVision is excited to announce the release of the Linux version of the eVe Visual Search Java-based SDK v 2.1. The toolkit lets you create search applications that use images and visual similarity rather than keywords and text.

To celebrate the release eVision is providing a great opportunity for you to make a little cash and impress your friends, colleagues, and neighbors with your programming prowess. Using the new 100% Java-based eVe 2.1 beta SDK we're inviting developers to create an innovative visual search application.

The top two best applications in each of three categories submitted before September 3rd, 2001, stand to win cash prizes: 1st prize: $1000 (US). 2nd prize: $250 (US).

More information about the contest and how to enter can be found at t.html

You can sign up to download a free 500 image limited version of the SDK for the contest at

About eVe
The eVe (eVision Visual Engine) toolkit lets Java developers create object-based visual search applications for intuitive, accurate and rapid access to content for digital asset management, categorization and e-commerce. The user selects a sample query image or partial image, then the search engine finds and ranks other images that are visually similar with respect to the objects in the image and attributes such as color, texture, shape and 3D shading. This technology can be applied to image content, video content, audio content and any other digital pattern.

The 100% Java-based SDK includes both a high level and low level API and supports both text and image based searches. A 500 image version of the toolkit is free to corporate and freelance developers to evaluate the API and experiment with building Visual Search applications.

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