July 19, 2001

The evolution of Psion

Author: JT Smith

Kelly McNeill writes "When Jeff Hawkin was still walking around with a block of wood in his shirt pocket to test his Palm prototype's portability and usability, Psion already had Europeans addicted to its digital organizers -- later known as PDAs, a term coined by Apple Computer ex-CEO John Sculley. When Apple created the personal computer market with its Macintosh in 1984, Psion was creating the PDA market with its first organizer. Redirecting its energy away from the consumer market may in fact be the best initial move to take Psion into the future, considering the recent financial and inventory woes experienced by Palm Computing and Handspring. Psion management still remains optimistic during these tough times, pointing out that the company is "evolving" to survive."


  • Unix
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