eWEEK at 25: Open Source Has Proven a Remarkably Fertile Platform

Article Source eWeek
November 5, 2009, 2:35 am

Twenty-five years ago, this publication began chronicling the ecosystem that had sprung up around IBM’s PC. It was a platform that proved remarkably fertile, owing not only to the “business-approved” blessing that came with the IBM brand but also to the platform’s open architecture.

PC Week’s birth year–1984–was a busy one for technology, one that saw, among other things, AT&T divest itself (temporarily, at least) of its local telephony holdings to take a crack at monetizing its own remarkably fertile, open architecture platform, Unix. However, where innovation on the PC platform quickly spread beyond IBM’s control, AT&T chose an opposite course for Unix, attempting to tighten its grasp on the previously freewheeling platform…

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