January 24, 2002

eWeek interview: Torvalds looks ahead

Author: JT Smith

From EWeek:
"As the Linux community prepares to congregate next week in New York
for the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, the center of attention, as
always, will be Linux creator Linus Torvalds. A little more than a
year ago Torvalds released the 2.4 kernel and has spent much of the
year working on numerous 2.4.x versions to further stabilize and
strengthen Linux. After handing the 2.4 kernel over to Marcelo Tosatti
to maintain late last year, he turned his attention to the 2.5
development tree. Torvalds took time out to exchange e-mail with eWEEK
Senior Editor Peter Galli about his work on and vision for 2.5."


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