August 16, 2002

Ex-Star Trek star to be "world's number one Linux cheerleader"

- by Tina Gasperson -

Wil Wheaton, movie and television star, and self-professed "total nerd" says he got a Lindows computer as a gift a few weeks ago. Worked right from the get-go. Until he messed up a few dependencies.
That was a couple days ago, and even with help from "some really smart propeller-heads," he couldn't revive the beast.

"Now, I've been toying with dumping Windows for almost a year," Wheaton writes in his blog. "The Open Source movement really appeals to my anarchistic and individualistic tendencies, and everyone I know who uses Linux tells me that I won't miss Windows at all. I don't really use any software that's Windows-specific, except Dreamweaver, and I'm told that I can run that under WINE, or find a comparable OS editor."

With Lindows borked, Wheaton didn't even try to go through tech support at Michael Robertson's kingdom. He went straight for the real thing: Mandrake.

"...last night, I crossed the rubicon and installed Mandrake 8.2.

"This install was the easiest thing I have ever done, and there wasn't one single problem. The only glitch came when I was trying to get my soundcard to work, which was hammered out quickly and painlessly, thanks to the monkeys in the soapbox.

"I'm using Gnome, and I've never been happier.

"I am now going to become the world's number one Linux cheerleader.

"I'm off to Think Geek to get a sticker for my car, and a T-shirt for my huge pectoral muscles."

Editor's note: ThinkGeek, like NewsForge and, is part of OSDN, but we really didn't pay Wil to plug them.


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