January 5, 2006

eXo ECM 1.0 RC1, eXo JCR 1.0 RC2 and eXo Portal 1.

Xavier MOGHRABI writes "1. eXo Portal 1.1 RC2 has been released with several bug fixes and Enhancements.

  The Portal 1.1 is built on top of the eXo Platform and relies on the portlet-container to manage its administration portlets and third party ones. The core portlets are using Java Server Faces to provide extensive dynamic functionalities.

  2. eXo Java Content Repository 1.0 RC2 has been released.

  This product is an implementation of the JSR 170 specification that includes level 1, 2 ,most of the optional specified and proprietary features:
  - Repository access (including JNDI)
  - JAAS based authentication/authorization
  - Session/Workspace/Item read/write methods
  - Namespaces support/remapping/registration
  - Permission control
  - Multiple workspace, references and UUID
  - Node Type support/registration
  - Nodes moving/copying/cloning
  - Same name sibling and nodes ordering
  - XML Import/Export
  - XPath and JCR-SQL query
  - Observation
  - Versioning
  - Locking
  - J2EE Resource Adapter (RAR) for JCR implementation

  More than 90% of JCR TCK tests are now passed.

  The implementation has pluggable backend storage, default backend is any Hibernate compatible relational database.

  Along with JCR implementation this release includes sample JCR Web application bundles:
  canoo.php Tomcat 5.0 (and instructions for Tomcat5.5)
  canoo.php JBoss and JOnAS tested RAR/WAR (EAR-like) bundle
  canoo.php WebLogic 9.1 (EAR-like) bundle

  This distribution also comes with a WebDAV layer to reach the JCR.

  3. eXo Enterprise Content Management (ECM) 1.0 RC1 has been released.

  This product is based on eXo JCR (JSR 170) implementation and offers advanced Content Management features for your enterprise.
  - List, Mac 3 columns or Thumbnails views
  - Advanced security: documents are tied to users or roles in groups
  - Category Management
  - Locking
  - Content Structuration
  - Meta data managment
  - Versioning (restore, diff visualisation...)
  - WebDAV: upload content to the JCR
  - Action concept: Validation and Publication Workflows, Business Process, Script or business rules can be dynamically activated when a document is added, removed or read
  - Groovy scripting language
  - Template language based on Velocity and Java Server Faces (JSF)
  - XML import/export
  - and more...

  Leverages the eXo Portal 1.1 (JSR 168) and therefore all the Security (SSO), collaboration and other advanced functionnalities.

  Community http://www.exoplatform.org/ web site has been upgraded too.

  4. Moreover eXo Platform team will give 2 talks at the next ObjectWeb Annual Conference which will be held in Paris on January 31 - February 2 2006 :
  - "Leveraging eXo Platform and Bonita Workflow in an e-Government Solution" by Brice REVENANT and Benjamin MESTRALLET
  - "eXo Platform v2" by Benjamin MESTRALLET
  This will be a unique opportunity to discover eXo Platform v2 and discuss with its contributors.
  More information at: http://objectwebcon06.objectweb.org/

  The software can be downloaded freely at: http://forge.objectweb.org/project/showfiles.php?g roup_id=151"

Link: ObjectWeb.org

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