eXo Platform 1.0 is released !

Xavier MOGHRABI writes “The eXo Platform team is please to announced the release of eXo Platform 1.0 its open source enterprise portal framework hosted at the ObjectWeb site.

It comes with many features such as:

* portlet API (JSR 168 since december 2003)
* WSRP (since february 2004)
* dynamic layout and skin model built on top of JSF
* Struts, cocoon and JSF bridges to build your portlets
* SOA architecture built on top of pico container
* extensible and modular configuration files
* eXo Platform IDE (eclipse plugin) to build, deploy, debug and web unit test the portlets
* community management
* strong organizational model
* multi portal instances support
* mobile and PDA support through xHTML-MP JSF renderers
* internationalization support
* property files chain concept
* JMX management of all deployed services
* Admin console portlet including JDK 5.0 JVM monitor and user browsing navigation adn behavior
* forum and web mail advanced portlets
* wiki portlet (xWiki integration)
* Workflow portlet and service
* indexing portlet and service based on lucene
* backup portlet and service
* file explorer portlet
* JCR (JSR 170) proposed draft implemtation and JCR explorer portlet
* ability to register groovy scripts inside the service container which is very convenient to provide quick run-time modifiable hooks such as listeners like new user event listeners…

…and more at http://www.exoplatform.com