Expanded Bandwidth Management From Collax

Sharon Smith writes “Collax Security Gateway With Enhanced Bandwidth Management

Guaranteed Bandwidth Allocation for VoIP Systems In the VPN Tunnel Ensures High-level Voice Transmission

BEDFORD, Mass., December 8, 2006 – Collax today announced expanded bandwidth management of the Collax Security Gateway. The UTM solution in Version 4.0.10 prioritizes and guarantees bandwidths in Virtual Private Networks; giving Voice-over-IP (VoIP), and other critical business applications such as ERP systems, priority in the VPN tunnel.

The Collax Security Gateway 4.0.10 offers all the premises to enable VoIP in company networks. The Tagged-VLAN technology (according to 802.1q) ensures that data packages are separated from voice packages thereby guaranteeing the security of internet telephony. The SIP-based Voice-Traffic is analyzed via Stateful Inspection. Combined with Traffic Shaping, these technologies ensure that the voice packages are filtered at the right part of the gateways and are offered priority in the VPN tunnel, before any other data streams. Thus a superior quality of real time voice transfer across data networks is achieved without downtime.

“VoIP makes strong demands on the IT environment, as in addition to VoIP telephone integration with the LAN, there are security and voice quality to consider,” explains Boris Nalbach, Collax’s CEO. “With the Collax Security Gateway, the network is in great shape for VoIP.”

Cost and Availability
The Collax Security Gateway is free for download for 5 users and less from www.collax.com. The Collax Security Gateway 40, the entry-level model with a pre-configured plug-and-play appliance, is available at $1420 for one year and ten users, $1895 for three years. The software Collax Security Gateway version for up to ten users is available for $380 the version for 100 users is available for $1720. The subscription includes all upgrades, updates, security fixes and patches for the duration of the subscription.

Collax Product Portfolio
Collax develops and markets server solutions for security, networking, and communication, integrated with an easy-to-use GUI (graphical user interface) for installation, updates and maintenance. All Collax server solutions can be easily integrated into any existing network infrastructure. The current offering includes:

Collax Business Server is a Linux-based server solution, which offers security, networking and communication functions and requires no Linux know-how. It is available as a free software license for up to five non-commercial users, as a software subscription or pre-configured hardware appliance, and can scale for use in small to medium-sized businesses and distributed branch offices of large enterprises.

Collax Security Gateway is a Unified Threat Management solution providing Web, email and network security with features such as antivirus, IDS, IPS, anti-spam, firewall, VPN, Web content filtering, and networking features – traffic management and multi-WAN – all integrated in a single management platform. Available either as a software subscription or pre-configured hardware appliance including software, the gateway is easily integrated into any existing network infrastructure.

Collax Open-Xchange Server is a collaboration suite, which offers tools to facilitate communication for personal information management as well as efficient team collaboration – whether project management, customer care or internal workflows. The server is available as a software subscription or pre-configured hardware appliance.

Collax Appliances are pre-installed, turn-key solutions that combine software and hardware to provide ease of use with no Linux knowledge required. Depending on a company’s size and intended level of use, a Collax appliance will be configured for maximum benefit.

About Collax, Inc. – Simply Linux
With more than 8,000 installations worldwide, Collax delivers turn-key, Linux-based server solutions to help run a business. The solutions contain a suite of best of breed open source applications for security, networking and communication. Also available pre-loaded on hardware, the server software can be used with any Windows, Mac or Linux client devices and requires no customer administration. SMBs or departments of larger enterprises realize Linux functionality, scalability, security and rapid innovation without learning a new operating system.

Collax is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts with offices in Munich and Freiburg, Germany and its investors include Atlas Venture Partners, Intel Capital and Wellington Partners. For more information, visit www.collax.com.”

Link: collax.com