April 10, 2006

Expensive Licencing Spawned New Business Info Site

FreeGPL.com writes "Given the expense of software licencing, businesses today are turning towards Open Source software in order to achieve their goals. Open Source allows for business to try, modify, manipulate and stay on top of patches and security breaches while donating to the code originators in order to show their appreciation.

The problem facing business today is the breadth of open source applications available. How to choose among the possible options? FreeGPL.com provides a free resource for business to evaluate their possibilities.

FreeGPL.com is a very simple resource specifically for business. They provide reviews, demos, and recommendations for open source software covered under the GPL and GNU licenses. These licenses are FREE for use. Their recommendations are based on software packages that they use in a live business environment so you can feel confident they will perform for your business critical applications.

They will also provide basic installation and maintenance help for free in order to encourage more businesses to adopt and support the Open Source Community.

They are still in their infancy however and require businesses to suggest some of the requirements they have of software packages. Provide them with your support to help the Open Source Community flourish.

Open Source for Enterprise"

Link: freegpl.com

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