April 28, 2003

Expert Q&A: Putting Linux storage to work

Michael S. Mimoso writes

"Linux servers have proven their mettle on the edge of the enterprise, as print and file servers. What's next? Storage is the next frontier, according to SearchEnterpriseLinux.com's resident experts. Building Storage Area Networks (SANs) on Linux can increase storage productivity and efficiency and reduce storage hardware, software and management costs. In this interview, our Ask the Expert advisors offer tips on implementation of and product selection for Linux storage solutions. On this panel are Sam Greenblatt, senior vice president/chief architect, Linux Technology Group, Computer Associates of Islandia, N.Y.; and Matt O'Keefe, CTO, and Joaquin Ruiz, marketing and product management vice president, of Sistina Software Inc., of Minneapolis, Minn."

Link: searchEnterpriseLinux.com


  • Linux
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