January 25, 2005

Expresso 5.6 Integrates More Open Source Projects

Anonymous Reader writes "Jcorporate Ltd. is pleased to announce release 5.6 of its award winning Expresso
Framework. The open source Expresso 5.6 release builds on a solid feature set with several new open source projects integrated and representing over 1000 cvs commits of framework enhancements.

Expresso is differentiated
by its intentional and cooperative effort in the creation of an architectural
framework that builds on the evolving Java standards and integrating
best of breed open
components. Release 5.6 includes Struts Validator
integration, Velocity support, and Maven integration complementing several
other open source projects integrated. Expresso integrates and builds on
many open source projects including Ant, Bouncycastle, Cactus, Commons, Log4J, ORO, Oswego
, JUnit, Struts, Tiles, Velocity, Xalan, Xerces,
and more.

Expresso provides more than
65,881 lines of ready-to-go code in 593 classes. A framework standardized
approach means less coding, easier maintenance and debugging, and a fast
learning curve. Instead of tedious, repetitive coding, programmers focus
on cost- and time-efficient development.

With more than 34,000 registered
developers as part of its successful open source community, Expresso has
established itself as the most popular development framework for Java developers.
Since Expresso's release in June 1999, it has been downloaded ~170,000 times
and the number of downloads continues to accelerate. This rapid adoption,
coupled with the breadth and depth of the framework and its commitment to
integrate with other proven open source projects makes the Expresso framework
the best possible choice. Expresso
is available free of charge for download at http://www.jcorporate.com/expresso.html."

Link: http://www.jcorporate.com/

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