May 24, 2004

Expresso Framework Struts out Release 5.5

scann writes "Jcorporate Ltd. today announces the release of Expresso 5.5, the most popular
architectural framework for Java web development. The open source Expresso
5.5 release is a major new release with 60 new features including integration
with the Apache
Jakarta Struts 1.1
framework. Expresso breaks new ground in software with
its new component manager and raises the bar by providing an architecture that
is proven far and wide. Expresso has ~160,000 downloads and boosts a community
of ~34,000 members. Expresso is available free of charge for download at

With the maturity of Java and wider adoption in the corporate arena, Expresso
recognizes that there is much emphasis on graphically interfaces to faciliate
easier adoption of Java technologies. Expresso is the first open source framework
that can be entirely graphically managed. By using its component framework
which is built in as part of the user interface, you do not need to hand edit
configuration files.

Expresso is differentiated by its intentional and cooperative effort in the
creation of an architectural framework building on the evolving Java
and integrating best of breed open
components. Release 5.5 includes JSTL integration complementing
Expresso's own comprehensive tag library. Expresso integrates and builds on
many open source projects including Cactus, Log4J, JUnit, Xerces, Xalan, Struts and
more. Release 5.5 includes Struts 1.1 integration.

"Expresso evolves with these standards and by enabling separation of
your business logic from the architecture insulates your applications
from infrastructure change and complexity so you don't have to keep rewriting
code" said Sandra Cann, COO. "Using an architectural framework means
reduced risk and reduced cost of project deployment."

"Expresso gives us everything we need, and is constantly evolving and
embracing new technologies as they emerge." said Malcolm Wise, Technology
Manager Sony Business Europe. "The main purpose of a framework should
be to allow developers to concentrate on meeting business requirements. Expresso
fulfills this purpose, and once over the initial learning curve, allows you
to do it more quickly."

Here are some highlights of the Release

  1. Additional Struts Integration Struts 1.1 Integration and enhanced
    Struts support.
  2. JSTL integration.
  3. Authentication and Registration: Refactored Login and Registration
    Controller, User Login to User ID Automatic lookups and the Mappable Interface.
  4. DBObjects: improvements in this component is where much of this
    release focuses including several new DBObject methods, DataObject
    is interface for data persistence that DBObject now implements,
    and JoinedDataObject (replaces MultiDBObject)
  5. BLOB datatypes Support: DBMaint BLOB Capable among other improvements
  6. Component Manager: new Expresso Component and Configuration Runtime
  7. Security: some security issues have been fixed including a sql
    injection fixed.
  8. Job Scheduling Enhancements: now has function available in Admin
    web UI and code improvements.
  9. i18n Improvements: New Italian Translation, i18n at DBObject Metadata
    level, and ISO ValidValues
  10. Views: XML Stylesheets are First Class Rendering Citizens
  11. Expresso
    Developer's Guide
    has been substantially updated.
  12. and much
    including Simple Report Server, Logging improvements
    and Updated Log Manager, application Monitoring improvements,
    Enhanced Downloads feature, Enhanced Junit Integration,
    SQL Parsing and Range Modifiers etc.

Expresso is also differentiated by the company's support offerings. Jcorporate's
JGroup support team is comprised of the developers of Expresso who know the
product best. We recognize that corporations need assurance and committed dedication
to meet their support requirements. Jcorporate has been a leader providing
professional open source services since its inception.

Expresso solves a critical need in the Java development world by unifying and integrating together
a foundation set of components that standardize common programming tasks including
authentication, persistence, object-relational mapping, background job handling
and scheduling, self-tests, logging, connection pooling, event notification,
caching, internationalization, XML automation, configuration, workflow and
much more. Expresso is the only open source framework augmented by an extensive
suite of collaborative applications, including content management, discussion
forum, helpdesk, faq, polling etc. Expresso is also complemented by an Expresso


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