September 29, 2009

Extending Claws Mail with Plug-Ins and Filters

Recently I introduced the community to a very powerful email client, Claws Mail. This client is a tool that should make both new users and power users at home. But if the basic functionality isn't enough, you can extend the Claws Mail feature set with the help of plug-ins and filters. With plug-ins you can add such features as:
  • ACPI Notify: Mail notification via laptop LEDs.
  • Attachment warning: Warns if you have mentioned an attachment but forgot to add the attachment.
  • CacheServer: Saves a cache of your email work every sixty seconds.
  • GtkHTML2Viewer: View HTML mail.
  • Mail Archiver: Archive email folders.
  • MailMBOX: Add support for mbox formatted mailboxes.
  • Notification: Add different types of notification when new mail arrives.
  • Perl: Extend filtering capacity by adding a Perl interface to the Claws Mail filtering tool.
  • RSSyl: Add RSS feeds.
  • SynCE: Sync addressbook with a Windows CE device.
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