April 12, 2001

Eye Control Technologies launches NaturalPoint trackIR

Author: JT Smith

Eye Control Technologies, Inc. announced on March 30 the launch of their revolutionary
trackIR cursor control system. The $99.00 web cam sized device lets users control a computer's cursor by simply
turning their head or pointing with their fingers. The sleek looking trackIR sits on top of a computer monitor, or clips to a
laptop screen and uses infrared light and an embedded processor to track users physical motion to determine precise
cursor movement.

Spirits are high at the company's Corvallis, OR, headquarters, where staff have been inundated with calls and e-mail from
curious computer users. "The NaturalPoint trackIR will revolutionize the way you interact with your computer," predicts
Eye Control Technologies President, Jim Richardson. "Our vision is to give users another cursor control option by
introducing them to the concept of using natural motion rather than constantly reaching for the mouse, which hurts
productivity and can cause carpel-tunnel syndrome."

The trackIR is software designed to allow developers to create alternate applications for the device. ECT has open
sourced all of the object tracking code which makes it practical for users to take on projects such as developing Linux
device drivers and creating low cost motion capture animation software. The company?s website,
www.naturalpoint.com has a large developer's section where you can download object tracking software and discuss
projects with ECT engineers and fellow developers.

Eye Control Technologies Communications Director, Mike Vial expects the trackIR to be a big hit with computer gaming
enthusiasts as well. "First person shooter and role playing games will take on a whole new level of realism and
excitement. Instead of reaching for a mouse to control things like field of view or targeting you can just turn your head to
look, or point with your finger to shoot."

For more information on the NaturalPoint trackIR, visit www.naturalpoint.com.

About Eye Control Technologies, Inc.
Based in Corvallis, OR, Eye Control Technologies, Inc. specializes in providing innovative control solutions for computers,
video games, LCD projectors, and television set-top boxes. For more information, visit: www.eyecontrol.com or

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