February 27, 2001

eZ publish 2.0 nearing completion, beta 3 out now

Author: JT Smith

pkej writes "eZ systems have released eZ publish 2.0beta 3. The following is an extract from the CHANGELOG:

Added vat-handling, different currencies, shipping handling and paging to eZ trade. eZ forum has added new preview, no duplicates possible, unified templates, fewer bugs. eZ link can have images to categories and links. Privileges have been added to eZ forum, eZ article, eZ bug, eZ contact, eZ filemanager, eZ imagecatalogue. Added new listings to different parts. Fixed bugs, fixed templates, fixed paging of listings, fixed deletion (uses checkboxes for each item and a common delete button), better contact handling in eZ contact. Better caching, faster database connections.

The software is in a freeze, all translators can start their work."


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