March 9, 2001

eZ publish 2.0 PRE 2 released

Author: JT Smith

pkej writes "eZ systems has released eZ publish 2.0 PRE 2. The main changes are:

Deletion of company, person and consultation in eZ contact has been fixed. Various bugfixes in consultation edit. Image views no longer displays error messages, instead a standard image explaining the fault is shown. Companies no longer disappear if they have no category selected, they are placed at the top category. eZ forum uses messagelist/1/2/3 instead of messagelist/1/?$Offset=2&Limit=3 in order to allow robots to index all postings to the forum. Clicking on author name in an article will take you to a page listing all articles by the author. Support for animated gifs/pngs in eZImageCatalogue. Bugfix for files with uppercase letters in the suffix. Added a small FAQ file. Added info about windows installation. Image list is improved, there's no longer images which take up more than one cell, they are also centered. File sizes for images are shown correctly. The login box in user/admin will remember the last page you were on and redirect to it when loggin in. Productview will list extra images with title and description in one column. A few smaller bugfixes. More friendly messages around the board.

Download hereChangelog"

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