June 20, 2002

eZ publish 2.2.6 released

eZ systems writes "eZ publish 2.2.6 is now officially released. New versions of eZ publish desktop edition is also available for all supported platforms. New versions of the eZ publish installers will also be released shortly

This release fixes problems in the eZ forum and various other bugs.

Download eZ publish: here

eZ publish is a professional open source content management system (CMS) made for those who want easy access to their internet sites through a userfriendly and reliable program. eZ publish lets you update and maintain the content of your site through a userfriendly web-interface, eliminating the need for HTML code. eZ publish is dual licenced, between the GPL, giving you eZ publish open source and free, and the eZ publish Professional licence where you can get the right to use the source code for making your own commercial software."

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