May 28, 2003

eZ publish 3.1 Beta 1 release

eZ systems writes "eZ systems has released eZ publish 3.1 beta 1 which is the first of two beta releases for the eZ publish 3.1 content management system release.
This release adds new functionality and enhances to the existing version of eZ publish content management system. Bugs have been fixed and we've closed a security hole.

Notification system
A new extendable notification system is added. This system will enable you to e.g. have users subscribe for updates from certain parts of the site. It's fully extendable by creating custom notification handlers.

Template administration interface

The setup part of the administration interface has gotten a few new features.
Most noticeable is the template administration interface. Here you can create
new templates based on override settings. The templates can also be edited
via the admin interface.

The template admin interface comes with a new template override system which is .ini file based. You can now have multiple override keys for any template. E.g. you can override view templates for a specific class in a given section. Other new features in the setup part are cache admin, system information and a rad tool (rapid application development). The latter, rapid application development will create code for your own template operators in a wizard like way.
The admin interface has gotten an overhaul with e.g. custom templates for the
default classes in admin.

New template compile option
The 3.1 beta 1 release includes a new template compile option, which will
compile the templates into.php code. This reduces memory usage and
processing time. The template compilation should be used instead of node tree caching in the template engine, as it is a bit faster and uses less memory.

Other feature enhancements
This beta release also includes: full PostgreSQL 7.3 support, search
improvements, bookmarks, recent objects and context sensitive information on the browse page. The permission system has been enhanced with the possibility to set permissions on nodes and sub trees.

Visit for more news about the 3.1 beta 1 release."


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