June 27, 2003

eZ publish 3.1 CMS stable release

eZ systems writes "The stable eZ publish 3.1 content management system has been released by eZ systems. You have been able to try out the beta releases for some time now and in accordance with the schedule this is the final release of eZ publish 3.1. The new functionality included in eZ publish 3.1 will make your work even easier.

See http://ez.no/developer/news/ez_publish_31_stable_release.

eZ publish 3 is an open source content management system and development framework. With advanced functionality for content management (CMS), e-commerce, intranets and much more, you can build your dynamic internet solutions fast and reliable. It has the flexibility for making about any web solution with general libraries and functionality, but still it is a ready CMS and e-commerce solution you can set up without any php programming knowledge.

Standard functionality in eZ publish 3 CMS: easy to create and edit content, advanced workflow system, content versioning, Multilanguage possibilities, collaboration, e-commerce functionality, revolutionary content class system, role based access control, discussion forums and much more.

Many new features were added in this release, including a notification system, a template administration interface, a template override system, and a template compile option. The permission system has been enhanced, and the admin interface was updated. The cache admin, system information, and a RAD tool were also added.

Visit http://ez.nofor more information on eZ publish CMS"

Link: ez.no

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