August 21, 2003

eZ publish 3.2 beta 1 release

eZ systems writes "After about two months of development the 3.2 Beta 1 version of eZ publish is ready, as promised. This is the first of two planned beta releases of the 3.2 series.

New features
eZ publish 3.2 Beta 1 is packed with new features. The first thing you will notice is the setup process, it's gotten an overhaul both in look and functionality. The biggest change is the package selection, you can select between eight site templates to get you started with your site. You can also configure site access
from the setup.

The admin interface has also gotten a face lift and some new features to make everyday work more pleasant.

WebDAV support has been added, you can now drag and drop images and files from your favorite WebDAV client. It's been tested with konqueror(Linux) and Internet
Explorer(windows). Binary files is also beeing indexed in the search engine, which makes eZ publish very usable for document management.

As part of the 3.2 release we're migrating all the documentation , we will make PDF's of the documentation available for the 3.2 final release.

A complete list of changes is found below, quite some new features.

Download eZ publish 3.2 beta 1 here
Help us make the 3.2 final release rock solid. Download, test and report any bugs you might find."


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