November 8, 2004

eZ publish 3.4.3 release

eZ systems writes "eZ publish 3.4.3 is the latest update of the eZ publish content management system.

This update includes a workaround for a fatal PHP bug. In addition, this release includes fixes for several other bugs have that we have fixed. All users of the eZ publish 3.4 branch are encouraged to upgrade.

Important eZ publish 3.4.3 changes
- A workaround for a fatal PHP bug
- Several bug fixes and enhancements

eZ publish 3.4 highlights
- New setup system which allows mixing of functionality on one site.
- Export/import of site content.
- Toolbar and menu system.
- PDF output for any object.
- File and database consistency check.
- Wildcard search.
- Editing of INI settings from admin interface.
- Delayed search index of content objects.
- Roles are inherited down the tree structure.
- Assignment of roles using conditions.
- New icon system used troughout the admin and user designs.
- New shop functionality: customer list, order and product list per customer and monthly/yearly sales statistics.
- Pregeneration of view-cache.

eZ publish can be downloaded here"


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