November 29, 2004

eZ publish 3.5 RC1 was released today

eZ systems writes "eZ systems is proud to announce the first release candidate of eZ publish 3.5. We encourage all users to test both the release candidate and the new Online Editor.

Try eZ publish 3.5 online
For your convinience we have set up an online demo of eZ publish 3.5 RC1 including the new ?>Online Editor which works for both Internet Explorer and Mozilla based browsers.
User site
Admin site
Log in using "admin" as username and "publish" as password. The site is automatically reset every second hour.

Highlights of eZ publish 3.5

  • Complete renewal of the administration interface
  • New design
  • Viewing and editing content improved for a more logical user experience
  • More consistent use of error messages and dialogs
  • Content treemenu for faster navigation
  • Javascript popupmenu for faster access to common operations
  • Tooltips for the buttons and fields for most common operations
  • Design related functionality moved to design tab

Other highlights:

  • Hide functionality
  • Some speed improvements

For detailed information on the new and changed things in eZ publish 3.5 look here."


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