October 13, 2005

eZ publish Open Source Enterprise CMS 3.7 released

eZ systems writes "Skien, Norway - October 13, 2005 - eZ systems has released the 3.7 version of eZ publish Content Management System. eZ publish is the leading Open Source Enterprise Content Management System and includes functionality to create websites for newspublishing, e-commerce, Intranets and more.

The new 3.7 branch of eZ publish is a copy of eZ publish 3.6 but updated to work with PHP 4.4. With this release eZ publish works both with PHP 4.4.0 and the upcoming PHP 4.4.1. We strongly recommend using PHP 4.4. 1 as it addresses a number of security issues concerning overwriting of GLOBALS and missing safe mode checks. 3.7 also removes a wrong notice regarding references and fixes for 50 other bugs. PHP 4.4 resolves the long outstanding reference problem. Note: it is not possible for eZ publish to be compatible with PHP 4.3 and 4.4 at the same time. PHP 4.4.1 is expected to be released in the beginning of week 42.

The eZ publish 3.7 release has no new features but contains a SQL update and fixes in PHP files. Features that were planned for eZ publish 3.7 will be implemented in eZ publish 3.8, which is expected in the beginning of 2006. Note that eZ publish 3.7 does not work with PHP 4.3.x.

Thousands of enterprises, governmental offices, non-profit organizations, small and mid sized companies and educational institutions around the world trust eZ publish for running their web solutions. eZ publish has been downloaded more than 1,300,000 times from its website www.ez.no. Among the users of eZ publish are Fast search & Transfer, United Nations, AstraZeneca, State of Florida, Copenhagen Business School and Sparkassen Informatik. For more references of eZ publish look here: www.ez.no/ez_publish/references.

Learn more about eZ publish Open Source Enterprise CMS at www.ez.no.

About eZ systems:
Creators of eZ publish
eZ systems was founded in 1999 on this simple and pragmatic idea: people working together, sharing their experience and ideas, can accomplish great things. With this simple idea (and a lot of hard work), eZ has grown into a vibrant corporation with a thriving business ecosystem. As a company, we number 50 people in offices in Norway, Ukraine and Germany. The eZ publish community numbers in the thousands with members all over the globe. We support our vision with a business model that combines innovations from the Linux world with proven strategies from traditional software enterprises.. Working together with our community and our partners, we serve ventures world-wide. These ventures range in size and purpose from single-person web shops and multi-national enterprises, to regional governments and the largest global humanitarian organization."

Link: ez.no

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