October 25, 2001

eZ systems Launches New Version of eZ publish

Author: JT Smith

pkej writes, eZ systems has launced the 2.2 version of eZ publish, its premier open

source content management system for portals, e-commerce, news and intranets.

This new version of the modularized software contains improved search,

several new modules, database independence, and several additions to and

improvements of existing modules.

Since the release of version 1.0 of eZ publish in November last year,

eZ publish has been downloaded more than 50,000 times. Among the users of

eZ publish are more than 20 partners which use it for creating the best and

most cost effective on-line solutions for their clients. There are 5 hosting

partners who sell hosting solutions where eZ publish is pre-installed.

eZ publish has been integrated with accounting software for customers like

MyGold.com (www.mygold.com), and the continual development of the

software is fueled by the needs of our professional customers and partners.

eZ systems is a company dedicated to open source development and Linux. Its

services range from consultancy to pre-packaged products. For additional

information about eZ systems visit our website ez.no or call

+47 35 58 70 20. Press information and pr-packages are located at


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