October 5, 2005

eZ systems receives prestigious award

eZ systems writes "Skien, Norway; October 5, 2005 -

eZ systems was awarded the Norwegian Prize for promoting Free Software), an award jointly given by the Norwegian UNIX Users Group and the University College of Oslo, at a ceremony held last night in Oslo.

The purpose of this award is to increase attention for for OpenSsource software and open standards, and to reward individuals or groups that distinguish themselves through their work. Previous winners are Skolelinux, Trolltech and Snøfrix. Since the beginning eZ systems has worked hard to promote the benefits of Open Source and Free Software and we are very proud to receive such an award.

The jurys official explanation for why they chose to give eZ systems the prize:
With eZ publish CMS, eZ systems has proven that Free Software, open standards and GPL product licensing can work as a basis for successful commercial companies in Norway. As one of several Norwegian software companies with an international customer audience, eZ systems has demonstrated how one can create an active, vibrant and functioning net community around a product. The company has chosen to actively present itself as a Norwegian company and as a company which relies on Open Source as the foundation for its core operations. Additionally, their product is rich on functionality, technically advanced and easy to use.

About eZ systems: The creator of eZ publish
eZ systems was founded in 1999 on this simple and pragmatic idea: people working together, sharing experiences and ideas, can accomplish great things. With this simple idea (and a lot of hard work), eZ systems has grown into a vibrant corporation with a thriving business ecosystem. As a company, we number 49 people with headquarters in Norway and offices in Germany and the Ukraine. The eZ publish community numbers in the thousands with members all over the globe.

We support our vision with a business model that combines innovations from the Linux world with proven strategies from traditional software enterprises. Our main product is eZ publish, an Open Source Enterprise Content Management System (CMS). Working together with our community and our partners, we serve ventures world-wide. These ventures range in size and purpose from single-person web shops and multi-national enterprises, to regional governments and the largest global humanitarian organizations.

Learn more about eZ publish Open Source Enterprise CMS at www.ez.no.

For more information about eZ publish Open Source Enterprise Content Management System, eZ publish Network or the developer company, eZ systems, please contact us at:

Web: www.ez.no
Mail: info@ez.no"

Link: ez.no

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