March 14, 2001

eZ systems releases Open Source eZ publish 2.0

Author: JT Smith

pkej writes "Today eZ publish 2.0, a web content management system for intra-nets, online shops, portals and news services, was released. eZ publish has become one of the most popular open source web projects within four months of its initial release.

eZ publish 2.0 contains a range of modules. This enables the software to function on everything from simple home pages, through intra-nets to complete web shops, portals or news services. The product is under constant development due to customer demand.

Because of its modularity, and the use of templates in the design, creating or customising a visual design for your eZ publish web site is a breeze. eZ publish is licensed under GPL, which means open source and free distribution and customisation.

The software has been downloaded more than 10,000 times since eZ systems launched eZ publish 1.0 in November 2000, and it has quickly become one of the most popular open source web projects. Our development page has had a steady increase in traffic. Our partner program has, since its inception at the launch of the 2.0 beta program, attracted interest from all the Western European countries, USA, Canada and other countries worldwide. We've already acquired partners in Canada, Italy, Norway and the British West Indies.

The response to eZ publish has been overwhelming with regards to customer sales and new projects. Because of this we've quickly become an international operation with customers around the world. We've also realized that we need new developers. We're very pleased with the revenue stream generated by eZ publish and related services.

We're experiencing daily contact from potential customers and partners from large parts of Europe and America. During this year we believe we will have partners in the largest Western European countries, several in the US and Canada. This will give easy access to professional web services based on eZ publish.

The users of eZ publish prefer eZ publish to other very expensive and commercial alternatives because the software provides easy installation and maintenance. The costs of deploying eZ publish are minimal to non-existent, since the software is licensed under GPL. The software competes favourably in features compared to commercial offerings. Consulting services from eZ systems and its partners are only directed at the specific needs of the customers, such as customisation and design. Together with our competitive prices this ensures low deployment and maintenance costs.

Our open source commitment have given us customer trust and satisfaction. They know they receive the best return on their investments from us and our partners. We have a very open and direct customer relationship which gives our customers direct contact with our developers and those who knows the system best.

eZ publish 2.0 is available from our development web site. Commercial support, hosting, hardware with pre-installed eZ publish and software on CD-ROM is available from our online shop.

You can read more about eZ systems at our home pages and more about eZ publish at its home page.

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