October 14, 2004

EzHomeTech GUI help uClinux in Digital World War I

Robert Kao writes " Today, there are many companies are developing new embedded products that will be adopted in the Digital World War I. When the analog world was becoming gradually to digital world in the past years, many experiment products were created from IT companies and failed in this stage. Why did them fail in the past years? Because IT companies only had experience on the PC domain and a TV Set is analogy output device, they did not have any analog experience in the embedded systems. Who has the analog experience? The answer is "Appliance companies", ex. Sony.
      uClinux is also only a digital embedded operating system. It needs an embedded GUI that can handle digital and analog world. EzHomeTech got much experience from âAppliance companies and Manufacturesâ to develop an embedded GUI. Why can EzHomeTech SSP help uClinux to compete Microsoft in the Digital World Ward I? There are some reasons in the following:
1. Cost competition: SSP can make excellent performance about GUI on a low-speed CPU, like ARM7, and needs only a little runtime memory. Microsoft windows.net is difficult to execute on the ARM7.
2. Digital and Analog Graphic User Interface: EzHomeTech focus to handle Graphic User Interface on uClinux for TV users
3. Quick Embedded Software customization: EzHomeTech can quickly modify software and drivers in an emergency status for Taiwan manufactures to get the time-to-market chance.
4. Strong and well-defined IT Environment: SSP technology has been developing in a Taiwan hardware and component-chain environment for 4 years. And, SSP technology has been developing based on âAnalog-Digital worldâ for 8 years.
A small Digital World I field: Now there are at least 3 companies included CHT (the biggest telecom company in Taiwan) to promote Video on Demand (VOD) in Taiwan that there are above 3 million ADSL users.

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Link: ezhometech.com

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