March 30, 2005

EzHomeTech will announce SSP 3.0 SDK in April

robert kao writes "EzHomeTech will announce SSP 3.0 SDK to enhancing uClinux development tools in April. Why can not uClinux and Linux quickly emerge in embedded system market ? Becaue there are no completed tools inlcuded software and hardware to let programmers easily develop software applications. EzHomeTech will announce SSP3.0 SDK to help programmers to develop embedded products quickly. EzHomeTech SSP 3.0 SDK aims to provide completed development tools to develop embedded products on IVS-300. The SSP 3.0 SDK lets you quickly develop any graphic and multimedia applications on IVS-300. You can cross-compile your program to build a image on a Linux PC. Then you can execute the image on IVS-300 and debug via Ethernet. And you can see the result of runing the image on TV or on your PC Monitor via ethernet. You can burn your program into IVS-300 by Flash Writer.

You can easily edit your programs by your PC editor , telnet Linux PC to compile your program, and
run your program on IVS-300 via telnet program and linux console. SSP 3.0 SDK let you quickly and
easily develop your programs on your PC. You can also add a harddriver on IVS-300 to store data.
SSP 3.0 SDK provide you a whole development environment to create new embedded porducts, not just PC world.

SSP 3.0 aims to provide a high performance, multithread, media streaming embedded GUI system, which is
especially for embedded multi-media , intranet/internet system based-on Linux/uClinux. SSP defines a set
of GDI, windowing, media streaming , multithread APIs and a media control object for applications. Many
applications can create windows, controls, and transfer media on Internet concurrently. SSP includes
three libraries and a control object: Embedded graphical library, Embedded Media Streaming library, Embedded
  Multi-Thread library and Media Control Object . Embedded graphical library is a completed embedded library
with all necessary graphical routines. Embedded Media Streaming library is a streaming library for media
transferred on Internet and Intranet. Embedded Multi-Thread library provides many applications to run concurrently
  on SSP. Media Control Object provides Media playback capabilityies. You can embedd Media Control Object
into a custom C++ program or embedded browser. SSP can be used excellently in Video on Demand, Media Adapter,
Portable Media Player, Home Gateway.

The architeture comparison between SSP 3.0 and X-Window

. Remove 2 software layers for code size and response time
. Change Multitask to Multithread for the application performance..
. Applications can directly run on Linux/uClinux with SSP
. Add HTTP protocol API for download and streaming.

SSP 3.0 SDK includes:
1. IVS-300
2. SSP 3.0 librarys and objects
      A. Embedded gtaphic library
      B. Embedded Media Streaming library
      C. Embedded Multi-Thread library
      D. Media Control Object
3. uClinux kernel with device drivers
4. Cross complier on Linux
5. Flash Writer: Write your program into IVS-300
6. IVS-300 Viewer on PC: let you easliy debug your program without any TV.

IVS-300 is a low-cost box for telecom/comminication market. IVS-300 speification is in the following:
A. 8 M Flash ROM
B. 64 M RAM
C. CPU: 150 MHz
D. Video Format: MPEG1/2/WMV9
E. Audio Format: MP3
F. Video Output: Composite video, S-video, Component videos, DVI
G. Audio Output: Stereo analog
H. One IDE interface
J. Remote controller


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