Fabric 1.0: Hyperledger Releases First Production-Ready Blockchain Software


Open-source software isn’t so much built, it grows. And today, the open-source blockchain consortium Hyperledger has announced that its first production-ready solution for building applications, Fabric, has finished that process.

But even before the formal release of Fabric 1.0 today, hundreds of proofs-of-concept had been built. With contributions to the platform for building shared, distributed ledgers across a number of industries (coming from 159 different engineers in 28 organizations), no single company owns the platform, which is hosted by the Linux Foundation.

For those going forward with that work, the group’s executive director Brian Behlendorf indicated that production-grade functionality is just a download and a few tweaks away. Behledorf told CoinDesk:

“It’s not as easy as drop in and upgrade. But the intent is that anyplace where there were changes, that those changes will be justified.”

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