Facebook voting is gone, but privacy issues just get worse


Facebook community voting is dead, making it even harder for users to influence the social network’s increasingly user-hostile privacy decisions. 

Facebook has pulled the plug on community voting, following an anemic voter turnout, and today’s new privacy changes in the aftermath of that decision bear ill tidings for consumer privacy.

For one thing, though not even 700,000 of the more than 1 billion Facebook subscribers voted, nearly 88 percent of those who did vote cast their ballot against the changes. But Facebook’s not likely to listen to them. Facebook is rewriting a lot of its policies to make them easier to understand, surely a noble act. Options like being able to ask somebody who’s tagged you in a post or photo to untag you, and the new ability to untag multiple photos at once, are helpful — if minor — tools. But with frequent hard-to-understand changes to its various privacy policies, Facebook has mostly just fostered apathy in the vast majority…Read more at CNET News