Familiar 0.8 final release

Werner Heuser writes “Right in time with their schedule, the Familiar Release Team has made
Familiar 0.8
available. The
HandHelds.org website, which was down for several weeks, is
up and running again. But see this
temporary page for release notes. This
release will work with the HP/Compaq iPAQ H36XX, H37XX, H38XX, H39XX, H5Xxxx
PDAs, the Siemens SimPad and the SHARP Zaurus Linux PDAs SL-5×00, SL-C700 (aka
Collie, Corgi and Poodle)
. The iPAQs H19XX, H22xx and H4xxx and the Dell Axim
Xy require a 2.6 kernel which isn’t officially supported by 0.8 yet. There
will be a 2.6 enabled image released soon, but for testing purposes only.”

Link: dominion.kabel.utwente.nl