July 19, 2001

Features and fixes at The Dot

Author: JT Smith

The Dot: "Lately, we've been spending some time improving the dot and implementing new features.
While our efforts are far from over, we thought we'd announce a few of the things we've
done so far. Dre has finally implemented one of the most requested features of the dot: You
can now receive timely email notification of dot-headlines, or, depending on your preference, you can
receive the full text of the dot-stories. As if that wasn't enough, I went ahead and implemented Flat Forty.
Flat Forty can be thought of as a poor man's flat mode with a twist: You can now view the 40 most recent
stories and comments globally. While mostly useful as an administrative trollbuster, we think you might
enjoy it too. We hope to optimize Flat Forty eventually so that we can provide an efficient timely dynamic
generation of the page. Read on for some dot fixes."


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