April 12, 2004

Federal Judge Freezes Red Hat-SCO Lawsuit

SCO spokesman Blake Stowell characterized Robinson's ruling as a partial victory. "Although the court did not honor SCO's motion to dismiss . . . by
ruling that the case should be stayed, the judge recognized that many of the issues in the Red Hat [suit] will be addressed in the SCO v. IBM case."

A Delaware federal judge has refused to dismiss Red Hat Inc.'s 9-month-old complaint against the SCO Group, but has ordered the Linux-related case
into judicial deep freeze.

A stay on further activity in the proceedings, issued by U.S. District Judge Sue Robinson, is to remain in effect pending the outcome of SCO's suit
against computer giant IBM. In Salt Lake City federal court, SCO seeks damages of at least $5 billion, and a maximum of $50 billion, on claims its
proprietary Unix operating system code was illegally transported into versions of Linux distributed by Big Blue and others.

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