May 18, 2009

Fedora 11 Podcast Series #3 – General Overview of F11 with Tom ‘Spot’ Callaway

Article Source Fedora Community
May 18, 2009, 2:09 pm

Jack Aboutboul writes:

Continuing on in our series of Fedora 11 podcasts,Â¬â  we present an interview of the series with Tom âÃòSpotâÃô Callaway. In case you donâÃôt know Spot, heâÃôs been making Fedora happen since before Fedora was called Fedora. Spot is a Red Hat Engineer, the Fedora Engineering Manager, and of course an active and knowledgeable community member. With keen insights and an eagle-eye view of the Fedora release process, the community, and our history and roadmap, you can be sure that any chat with Spot is worth your while.

In the interview, Spot covers much ground, with everything from features in the upcoming release such as 20 Second Startup and Kernel Mode Setting to the future Fedora artists movement. Spot also talks about the importance and benefit of FedoraâÃôs upstream oriented developer process, the recent enhancements to FedoraâÃôs QA process, and the addition of members to the Fedora QA team. Finally Spot takes a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane, with a discussion of the long history behind Fedora, what he thinks Fedora as a community has to offer contributors, and why Fedora is the very best place to be.

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