Fedora 11 Podcast Series #4–KMS with Adam Jackson a.k.a. Ajax

Article Source Fedora Community
May 19, 2009, 9:17 am

Jack Aboutboul writes:

For the fourth podcast in our Fedora 11 podcast series, we turn to the magic that is our display system. One of the coolest new features in Fedora 11 is the ability to do kernel based mode setting for the display. Kernel mode setting allows the kernel to set certain parameters for the display and moves this functionality out of the X server itself and out of user space. This enables cool things such as quicker graphical boot up and fancier eye candy. For more information I caught up with Fedora X and diaplay guru Adam Jackson. Adam is a lifer on the X scene and knows more about displays than you, I and probably he himself want to know.

Kernel Mode Setting with Adam Jackson

In the interview, Adam talks about the hidden underbelly of Linux and X graphics and displays and how previous version of Fedora may, or may not have been able to trigger seizures. Adam also expands the possible inclusion of a kernel crash screen of death (yes, it comes with flaming eyes), how collaborating with other distros and upstreams has helped him achieve great things and how that helps others, and finally, about the upcoming Boston area concert calendar…