Fedora 11 Security Update: maniadrive-1.2-16.fc11,php-5.2.11-1.fc11

Article Source Fedora 11 Security Updates
November 19, 2009, 8:26 pm

Resolved Bugs
528294 – php-5.2.11 is released bug fixes – please update F11
524228 – CVE-2009-3291 php: openssl extension: Incorrect verification of SSL certificate with NUL in name
524222 – CVE-2009-3292 php: exif extension: Multiple missing sanity checks in EXIF file processing
524217 – CVE-2009-3293 php: gd extension: Improper upper bound color index check in transparent images handling
506896 – php: exif_read_data crash on corrupted JPEG files

Update to upstream PHP version 5.2.11. PHP 5.2.11 Release Announcement: http://www.php.net/releases/5_2_11.php Changelog: http://www.php.net/ChangeLog-5.php#5.2.11 PHP 5.2.10 Release Announcement: http://www.php.net/releases/5_2_10.php Changelog: http://www.php.net/ChangeLog-5.php#5.2.10…

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