May 13, 2009

Fedora welcomes the new

Article Source Fedora Community
May 13, 2009, 4:15 am

The new look is pretty dynamic, no? We in Fedora are looking forward to participating in the new, and especially in finding ways that the free/libre and open source software community can work together to deliver better and more useful information about Linux. Everyone working in the Linux community, whether it’s in software development, translation, documentation writing, project leadership and management, community architecture, or any other form of collaboration, is constantly engaged in this process.

Collaboration flourishes when we can clearly articulate what we’re doing, why, and how others can help. To make a lasting impact on free software, we must do more than simply solicit approval. We must encourage others to get involved, to take action that promotes positive, tangible change. We must pursue vectors of growth that empower and invigorate free software suppliers, the upstream communities. If Linux and free software is an ecosystem, we must look for better methods not just of harvesting, but of seeding and cultivation.

These are some of the principles that are important to us in Fedora, and we’re eager to share news of our community, not just concerning release features, but also some of the concrete work in which our community members are involved day-to-day that grows the free software ecosystem. For instance, the Fedora Marketing team has posted an interview with Jesse Keating talking about the tools we use to produce Fedora, and which anyone can use to create Fedora remixes, specialty Linux distributions, or appliances. They’re 100% free/libre and open source, like everything built and used in the Fedora Project.

Over the next weeks we’ll have additional information about innovation happening in the free software world — upstream projects in which anyone can get involved, many of them distribution agnostic, all of them completely free and open source. It’s a great time to be part of the dynamic, rapidly expanding world of free software, and if you’re not already a contributor, I encourage you to get involved today!

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