A Few Things I’ve Learned about Kubernetes


I’ve been learning about Kubernetes at work recently. I only started seriously thinking about it maybe 6 months ago – my partner Kamal has been excited about Kubernetes for a few years (him: “julia! you can run programs without worrying what computers they run on! it is so cool!“, me: “I don’t get it, how is that even possible”), but I understand it a lot better now.

This isn’t a comprehensive explanation or anything, it’s some things I learned along the way that have helped me understand what’s going on.

These days I am actually setting up a cluster instead of just reading about it on the internet and being like “what is that??” so I am learning much faster 🙂

I’m not going to try to explain what Kubernetes is. I liked Kelsey Hightower’s introductory talk at Strange Loop called “Managing Containers at Scale with CoreOS and Kubernetes”, and Kelsey has given TONS of great Kubernetes talks over the years if you want an intro.

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