October 10, 2006

Final Office Open XML Draft 1.0 Posted at Ecma Site

Andy Updegrove writes "The final version of the Office Open XML 1.0 draft was posted an hour or so ago at the Ecma site. It is this specification that Microsoft hopes will be adopted, not only by Ecma, but by global standards body ISO/IEC as well, in an effort to slow the adoption of OpenDocument Format (ODF) by government users, among others. The draft just posted is the work of Ecma's TC 45, a committee chartered "To Produce a formal Standard for office productivity documents which is fully compatible with the Office Open XML Formats." The draft will be voted on at a December 7-8 Ecma meeting, at which votes to approve or disapprove (but not make changes) may be cast. After the anticipated approval, the draft will be submitted to ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1 (JTC) for consideration. That process will include a six month comment period during which national committees may vote for, against, or abstain, as well provide comments and requested changes that must be considered. The more than 4,000 page specification is available at the Ecma site in three forms: PDF, Tagged PDF (for better accessibility) and WorkprocessingML format. Curiously, it is not currently available in ODF."

Link: ConsortiumInfo.org

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