Finding the Mainframers of the Future With Linux and Open Source


Speak the word “mainframe” to many millennial techies, and the first things that likely come to mind are in the form of grainy sepia photos of floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall computers with big spinning tapes. But that’s far from the reality of the modern mainframe.

Imagine instead up to 240 10-core, 5.2ghz processors, 32TB of RAIM (redundant array of independent memory), hardware-based encryption, and fully hot-swappable hardware components. Those are the specs of the newly released IBM z14 – a single machine that could replace the computing resources of an average corporate data center with room to spare.

The challenge this architecture ecosystem is facing is exactly the perception I kicked off with, and with that, the perception that building a career around such a platform is a mistake. But don’t tell that to the 15 interns who have come through The Linux Foundation’s Open Mainframe Project. With Linux and open source thriving on mainframe, being a “mainframer” has become an intriguing career for students. Just look at some of the work these students have done:

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