September 3, 2003

Finnish Open Source Translators Getting Organised

Tero Kuusela writes "Linux-Aktivaattori ry, a finnish non-profit organisation promoting the use of Linux and other Open Source software, organised the first Open Source translation workshop for the finnish language on 29-31 August 2003 in the city of Turku.

There are currently several separated Open Source translation teams in Finland. During the event, these met for the first time to discuss a set of common guidelines on how to work together. New professionals and amateurs interested in translating software were also given guidance with the translation work.

The goal of the localisation workgroup (page in finnish) of Linux-Aktivaattori, which was responsible for the event, is to advance the number, quality and unity of Open Source translations. Founded on Summer 2003, the working group has achieved a lot in a short time.

"The workshop was a major step forward. We believe the common guidelines agreed upon here have created a good basis for close cooperation between the translation teams in the future", says the vice-chairman of Linux-Aktivaattori Tero Kuusela.

A report made by Marko Grönroos, a representative of the localisation workgroup, was released at the workshop. According to this report, the most important parts of Linux have been translated well and comprehensively. However, most Linux distributions don't have their installation and administration software translated into finnish.

"The work continues and a lot remains to be done. Linux programs move forward so rapidly that translators have a hard time keeping up. More active translators are needed and we want to provide as good conditions as possible for joining and continuing this work."

More information: Tero Kuusela, Linux-Aktivaattori ry, phone 040 747 0099, email

The report by Grönroos and a summary of discussions during the workshop, both in finnish, can be found ress/WebHome#PressEnglish.

Founded on 2001, Linux-Aktivaattori is a finnish nation-wide non-profit organisation with the goal of promoting the use of Linux and other Open Source software in both private use and professional environments. The organisation aids in projects and founding of working groups and organises seminars, conversation events and training. More information:"


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