September 15, 2005

Firebird 2 Alpha 3 released

mariuz writes "The Firebird Project is pleased to announce builds of Firebird 2.0 Alpha 3 kits
are now ready to download and testing.

This version of Firebird 2 is an alpha version, meant for field testing
only and not for use in production.

Firebird 2 contains a large number of new features, including
derived tables, support for Execute Block, increased table sizes,
new improved index code (the 252-byte index length limit is no longer
applicable), expression indices, numerous optimiser improvements,
enhanced security features, support for on-line incremental backups
along with numerous other improvements and bug fixes.

Read the general notes on page 2 of the Alpha 3 release notes carefully FIRST! Particularly, try out the new international language support that has been introduced in this alpha.

Note Alpha 3 includes an ODS change. Databases created with Alphas 1 or 2 will be unreadable using Alpha 3. So, backup anything you want to keep before
uninstalling a previous alpha.

Bugs, problems, etc. can be posted to the Field Test bug tracker or to the
Firebird Development List.

Firebird 2 release contains a large number of new features. Alpha 3
includes fixes for several problems that showed up in the testing of Alpha
2. Please read the Release Notes for more details.


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