FireBird is the most used open source database

marius popa writes “Firebird Soars Into Database Deployments, New Evans Data Survey

Open Source Databases Usurp Marketshare

SANTA CRUZ, CA, January 18, 2005 – 

FireBird is making major inroads in the database space, according to Evans Data Corporation’s new Winter 2005 Database Development Survey. FireBird is the most used open source database for Enterprise applications, more database developers use FireBird for single purpose applications and FireBird is tied for the most used database for workgroup applications. Further, MySQL and FireBird are locked in a virtual tie in the open source database space with each being used by just over half of database developers who use open source databases.

“The success of FireBird and MySQL are strong indicators of the strength of the open source database market and of the greater open source movement as a whole. Operating with tighter budgets and fewer resources, a database administrator can safely and productively use an open source alternative where he would have had to traditionally rely on a commercial product,†said Joe McKendrick, an analyst with Evans Data.

Other notable findings from the December 2004 survey of more than 400 database developers:

  • Almost 30% of database developers estimate that they can recover critical data within 6 to 30 minutes of a system outage and only three percent estimate longer than 24 hours to restore mission-critical data. However, only 4% database developers estimate a recovery time of less than a minute for mission-critical data.

  • Companies say data security is improving. The vast majority, 89%, reported no security breaches against their databases at all but, for those that did suffer a security breach, the most likely type of breach was via physical access.

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