January 31, 2001

Firedraw : firewall administration via web

Author: JT Smith

babar writes "Adequat-Adelux presents FireDraw, an application that allows firewall administration via Web.
Firedraw is an Open Source software product under the GPL license.It's an innovative product that provides a Web interface for administering a network's firewall.This application gives the possibility to configure different firewalls rules of your network, using simple web browser.
Firedraw was written because a lot of open source users couldn't find a suitable tool.Moreover, anyone can adapt it to their own needs, as Firedraw is freely available on http://adelux.c2a.fr (in French).
Firedraw establishes firewall rules by using objects and services.The objects are predefined by the user with the help of the Web interface to Firedraw's Network Object Manager.They can be of different types such as workstations, domains, networks etc.In a similar manner Firedraw's Service Manager manages services such as Web(http), mail(smtp)...
Once the objects have been created,the user can then graphically elaborate the rules that manage the security of his network.Firedraw will then translate the established rules into an intermediate language (XML).The rules are the rewritten using the firewall's actual syntax and inserted into the files containing the firewall's rules.
The intermediate language was established to enable a modular solution. It's possible to adapt modules that will generate rules for other firewalls, whether Linux or not.Firedraw's current distribution includes a module that generates rules for the Linux Netfilter Firewall (kernel 2.4).
Firedraw's architecture is consits of the following elements:
* A Zope web interface
* A relational Database (PostgreSQL), that allows managing different objects and their properties
* Rule Daemon: a Python module that generates the rules that are comprehensible to the actual firewall
* Final Daemon: a Python module installed in each one of the firewalls, whitch is in charge of inserting the rules generated by the Rule Daemon into the Firedraw filed
In this manner Firedraw allows the administrator to manage the security of his website in free, simple, and quick manner, accessible through web interface.

With the goal of advancing Linux security, Adequt-Adelux developed Firedraw under the GPL license. This provies the users with an administration solution that is free, reliable and open-source.

Adequat-Adelux http://adelux.c2a.fr"

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